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Are you having trouble getting started with UCF Apps? Below you will find detailed installation instructions and tips on using UCF Apps.

Click here to get help on linking your OneDrive (Knightsemail) to UCF Apps!

Installing UCF Apps on a PC

Installing UCF Apps on a Mac

Installing UCF Apps on Mobile Devices

Accessing and Saving Files with UCF Apps

There are two recommended ways to access and work with you documents.

Your Knights Mail OneDrive for Business (O:). For most of your files (Word, Excel, SPSS, SAS), use your OneDrive for Business account!  Your OneDrive for Business is a benefit of your Knightsemail account, giving you up to 1TB of cloud-based storage.  One of the benefits for using OneDrive is the ability to work with documents in UCF Apps or in a lab on campus, then continue to work on the same document on your personal device, even if you are not using UCF Apps.  You can access OneDrive from UCF Apps, most labs on campus, and on any other device from which you currently access OneDrive – after following a couple of simple steps:

The Knight Drive (K:).  For files in more resource intensive apps (ArcGIS, for example) your Knight Drive may still be your best bet.  The Knight Drive gives you up to 2GB of storage to save files you create in UCF Apps.  You can also access these files from any UCF lab computer.  To preserve space, we periodically clear older files on the Knight Drive – so make sure the files you want to keep are backed up to your OneDrive (O:) or local computer after the semester ends.

Opening files from the Knight Drive (K:)
    1. Click File, then “Open”.
    2. On the left hand column select Knight Drive (K:).
    3. Select the file you want to open and press “Open”.
Saving files to the Knight Drive (K:)
    1. Click File, then “Save As”.
    2. In the left hand column select Knight Drive (K:).
    3. Select the folder you want to save the file to.
    4. Type in a file name and click “Save”.
More how to guides for saving files on the K: Drive:
    1. Saving files to your local drive
    2. Saving files in SPSS
    3. Saving files in Webcourses

Printing from UCF Apps

You can print any document you are working on in UCF Apps to any printer installed on your local device.  To print a file:

  1. Click File, then “Print”.
  2. Under Printer, select the device you would like to print your document to.

Further assistance

If you need further assistance, stop by the Student Support Desk in the Technology Commons, call the UCF IT Support Center at 407-823-5117 or submit a ticket.